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What Bedroom Lighting is Right for Your Home?

Your bedroom should be the place you can go for rest, relaxation, and reprieve from any stress. Creating a safe space for yourself in your bedroom leads to better sleep, and we don't need to tell you the many benefits of getting a good night's rest!

One of the most important factors when it comes to setting the tone in your bedroom is lighting. Whether its fixtures or special features, Alamo Handyman has tips for you to create the perfect lighting in your bedroom!

1. Light Dimmer Switch

We can't recommend this one enough! A light dimmer is an affordable and quick way to elevate any room...especially your bedroom! A light dimmer can help set a mood, but it can also help you get the best possible rest and relaxation by allowing you to adjust your room's brightness based on the time off day, or even the season.

You truly get the best of all world's when you install a dimming switch--you can have the subtle lighting needed for relaxation, the bright light needed for deep cleaning stress, and the in-between lighting for every day use!

2. Recessed Features

In small rooms especially, recessed lighting can open up a space and make it feel significantly larger. We recommend recessed lighting in a bedroom because it creates an uninterrupted flow to the room.

One mistake many homeowners make is the volume of recessed lighting features. You don't want your bedroom to feel like a bright supermarket! The best format is to have a recessed feature every 30-40 square feet. By hiring a professional to install the lights, you will have access to the best advice for your unique room.

3. Decorative Fixtures

Your bedroom is the space in your home that is uniquely yours--you have no obligation to ever invite a guest! So why not let your personality shine? Install a bold centerpiece lighting fixture to make a splash statement in your bedroom.

The options are limitless--decorative fixtures can be whimsical, rugged, modern, or even an antique that you love!

4. Flexible Lighting

Who says you only need lighting on your ceiling? By incorporating flexible lighting options into your bedroom, you can create a space that suits all of your needs. We recommend keeping overhead lighting options, but also incorporating a floor lamp in three corners, as well as two bedside lamps or sconces for any late-night lighting needs.

If you share a bedroom with someone, flexible lighting can meet both of your needs while preventing any interruption in each other's rest needs.

Regardless of your lighting needs, Alamo Handyman has the skills necessary to help your vision come to life, so that you can create a relaxing oasis in the he

art of your home! Ready to get started designing your bedroom lighting? Give us a call today at (210) 684-8500 or request a free estimate by visiting our form here!


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