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Four Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

One of the most exciting things about owning a home is infusing your own taste and preferences into the different spaces. And what better place to do that than the restroom? Below are four projects that can be tackled quickly and affordably to help you transform any restroom in your home into a spa-like oasis!

1. Update the Flooring

Nothing says shabby like worn tiles, dirty grout, or outdated flooring choices. Updating the floors of your bathroom can completely transform the space. Large, bright white tiles can open up a small bathroom and make it feel larger, while river rock flooring accents can make your space feel like an intimate sanctuary. The possibilities are endless!

2. Change Up the Lighting

Most restrooms come with very little natural light, making them feel closed in and oppressive. By changing up the lighting options in your restroom, you can add the illusion of more square footage while also brightening up the space. Your lighting choices can help guide the entire redesign of your bathroom; modern, geometrical pieces can add a new dimension of style, while sconces and sea glass can give your space the foundation for a relaxing, beachy vibe.

3. Install Countertops with Flair

Have you noticed your white laminate countertops are appearing yellowed or faded? It may be time for a replacement! White countertops look clean and fresh, but did you know that you have a multitude of options? Granite counters, soapstone, or even concrete can be used to create a unique and beautiful accent for your restroom!

4. Update Your Walls

Whether it's a fresh coat of white paint, adding floating shelves, or hanging modern art pieces, simple wall updates can extend the homey feel of your house into your bathrooms. Floating shelves will allow you to add trinkets, small books, or even succulents to add a bit of design to what is normally a dull space in your home!

Alamo Handyman can help you with all of these projects and more!

Call us today at (210) 684-8500 to schedule a free consultation.


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