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Learn with Alamo Handyman: What is Weatherstripping?

Simply put: Weatherstripping is a way to save you money on your energy bill! Weatherstripping is the process of finding air leaks in your home, which usually occur around doors and windows, and applying a sealant to prevent the air from continuing to "leak."

Typically, the process of weatherstripping includes three steps:

1) Determining where there are air leaks in a home.

2) Assessing home ventilation needs.

3) Choosing the weatherstripping that's right for your home

4) Installation

In Texas' unpredictable climate, it is essential that you protect your home during both the summer, when cool air can escape, and during the winter, when your heat bill goes up and hot air may leak.

There are a number of stripping options that may be right for your home, including caulking, tubular vinyl, tension seals, and reinforced silicone. However, it is essential that you work with a professional to determine the correct option; there are many inexpensive options available on the market that are ineffective and could potentially create a larger problem.

Are you looking to air seal your home? Alamo Handyman can help you with every step of your weatherstripping process! Reach out to us today to get started with your energy savings! You can call us anytime for a free estimate at (210) 684-8500.


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