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Freshening Up for Spring

Updated: Feb 22

Spring is almost here. It's a time for renewal and rejuvenation...even for your home! As the weather warms up and new projects begin to take shape in your mind, Alamo Handyman is here to recommend a few projects that will change the dynamic and features of your home--with minimal work!

Add Shelving & Cabinetry

Built-in bookshelves, bathroom accent shelves, or additional kitchen storage--the options are almost endless! If you are looking to maximize your space and maintain a clutter-free home, adding shelving and cabinetry features is the option for you. Choose from a variety of designs, materials, and sizes to meet your unique needs.

Expand Your Closet

Long gone are the days of shoving all of your clothing onto a 5-foot railing. You deserve the closet of your dreams, and you can have it! Accommodating closets are frequently ranked high on the list of features sought after by home buyers, so making your closet bigger is truly an investment in your property. If you are looking to expand your closet space, the professionals at Alamo Handyman can walk you through the most effective and cost efficient way to

Add a Pergola to Your Backyard Space

Enhance your backyard with a pergola! This addition will create a perfect balance of shade and sunlight, creating a comfortable outdoor environment for relaxation and entertainment, even on the warmest days. A pergola offers versatility, serving as a support for climbing plants and vines, which can further enhance its beauty and provide natural shade. Moreover, it adds value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Replace Your Windows As the temperatures are heating up across the South Texas region, your air conditioner will be running overtime to keep your home cool. Rather than continuing to rake up high energy costs, you can take on a proactive solution by installing energy-efficient windows in your home! This upfront investment will offset high energy bills in the future, and you may even qualify for an energy tax credit once you install them!

Repaint Your Exterior

Whether you need to fix up paint that has chipped from the harsh winter weather, or you're looking to wow your neighbors and guests with an easy curbside makeover, an exterior repaint is the way to go! A professional will prime, paint, and coat your home with the appropriate materials so that you can have a rich, lasting color on your house.

No matter what project you want to take on to freshen up your home for the spring, Alamo Handyman is here to help you accomplish your goals. Reach out to us today using the Request Service button at the top of this page, and we will get you set up with a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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Regina Tikhonova
Regina Tikhonova
Jun 14, 2022

With the onset of spring, also do not forget to replace the filters of your air conditioner to make the house fresher in the truest sense :) This is an important step to improve the air quality in your home after the long winter months. If you have an allergy, it can significantly reduce unpleasant symptoms. And according to this source, when you have clean air, you also feel happier.

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