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Learn With Alamo Handyman: How to Repair Stucco

In San Antonio, we're known for our vibrant, rich culture. And that culture extends to our homes as well. In any area of San Antonio, you can drive down the streets and spot at least one stucco home. In some neighborhoods, the homes are almost completely comprised of stucco!

Stucco has a variety of advantages--first off, it's colorful! You can add almost any hue to a stucco home. It's also durable, sustainable, and it retains whatever beautiful color you choose to tint it.

But on the downside, there's the maintenance. Stucco requires quite a bit of maintenance to maintain the integrity of the overall material. So while we list durability as an advantage...we should add the caveat that this is only true if properly maintained!

Part of that maintenance is repair cracks that inevitably appear in areas where your home's foundation is shifting. So when it's time to repair, where do you turn? Below is a quick description of what is involved with stucco home repair.

1) Gather your Materials

Stucco patching mix; 5-gallon bucket; gloves; goggles; mask; ladder; Mason's chisel; wire mesh; wire brush; rubber float; paint to match existing stucco, paintbrush

2) Choose your area

Since mixed stucco dries quickly, you will need to work in small areas individually. Work in patches, choosing areas that will take about 15 minutes to complete.

3) Cleaning the Area

Chisel away any of the "bad" stucco and smooth it out using a brush. If you see any damaged metal mesh behind the existing stucco, cut out new wire mesh and attach it using nails.

4) Mix your stucco

Do this according the manufacturer's instructions.

5) Begin stucco application

Using the rubber float, begin to apply the stucco. So do applying it in 1/4 inch-thick segments. Apply, wait for it to solidify, then apply the next coat. Stop once it is flush with the existing stucco.

6) Make it match.

Start by making the texture match--is it in swivels or swirled? Brushed? Evaluate the surrounding areas and match the texture. Let dry for at least 24 hours, then return to match the paint of the existing stucco. This could take multiple coats or a mixture of hues.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor can take this often-tedious job and make it simple and efficient. When you hire a handyman to complete your stucco repair, they will inspect your property for all cracks and necessary repairs, complete the job quickly, and charge an affordable rate, especially when you consider the cost of materials and time investment to DIY.

Looking to get started on your stucco repair project? Whether you end up doing it yourself or hiring a handyman, you can always get a free quote from Alamo Handyman! Call us today to schedule a cost estimate at (210) 684-8500


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