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Fast Five: Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The birds are singing, the bluebonnets are sprouting, and the weather is getting warmer....yes, it's almost springtime in Texas!

With the warmer temperatures comes a whole new round of home maintenance duties. The experts at Alamo Handyman are here to give you their top tips for keeping your home in the best shape as we prepare for spring. This checklist can be completed by you, or you can give Alamo Handyman a call to complete any of these jobs for you! Reach out to us today at (210) 684-8500 for a free estimate.

1. Re-seal Exterior Woodwork

Want to avoid costly repairs down the line? Take a short walk around your house and take note of the wood fixtures around your home. Be sure to add a fresh coat of sealant to your outdoor wood fixtures, including decking, wood fences, and benches.

During the winter, these wooden features take a beating from the harsh weather. Even though we don't have snow, the fluctuating temperatures and high levels of precipitation can wreak havoc on outdoor woodwork.

2. Paint your Home's Exterior

For all the same reasons above, it is probably time to give your exterior paint a good look over. See any chips or fading? Sometimes, a good power wash can come in handy, but after a few volatile Texas seasons, we're willing to bet your home could use a fresh coat of exterior paint.

3. Examine your Roof

This is a great time to get your ladder and (safely) climb atop your house to inspect shingles and other potential leak hazards. By catching any loose or missing shingles early, you can avoid considerable expense down the line. If you do notice something amiss on your roof, give the pros at Alamo Handyman a call to check out the problem for you.

...and while you're up there...

4. Inspect your Gutters

One of our most frequent tips is to regularly check your gutters, and doing so after the harsh winter weather is of utmost importance. Blocked gutters can cause leaks and water damage. When water is blocked in a gutter, it can spill over and drip down your exterior walls. This can cause wall damage and leaks, as well as foundation problems. A quick check and cleaning will save you in the long run! You can learn more about this in our Clean Gutters blog here!

5. Weatherproof your Doors and Windows

You may think that weatherproofing is just to prepare for the winter, but it's actually an integral part of preparing your home for spring and summer as well! Your weatherproofing may have been compromised with the colder weather, so it is essential that you inspect it and replace any stripping or caulk lines that need bolstering. This can be a great time to replace any damaged screens on your windows as well. In the long run, this will help you save on energy costs!

What other tips do you think are important? Share yours with us as well in the comment section, or by reaching out on social media:


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