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5 Fall Home Improvement Projects

Fall is coming and even in Texas, it's important to prepare your home for the changes in the weather! We may not have the rough seasonal changes that they do up north, but your home can still experience major shifts, so it is necessary to do the prep work to ensure your home stays in great condition, and that you and your family remain comfortable throughout the colder months.

Replace Old Single-Pane Windows

Do you have single pane windows in your home? These are poor insulators, making it difficult prevent a chill from entering your home. When you make the upgrade to double pane windows, your home look more modern and be more energy efficient.

Update Your Weatherstripping

Another component of your home is improving your weatherstripping, both for windows and for your doors. The more updated your weatherstripping, the cheaper your energy bill will be! Are you unsure of which weatherstripping option is right for you? Be sure to check out our blog here!

Fix Up Your Roof

Wind, rain, and snow--after last year's San Antonio snow storm, we need to be prepared for it all! Rather than replacing your entire roof, which can be costly and a lengthy process, your home can benefit from getting a pick-me-up with shingle replacement. Getting ahead of any big issues revolving around shingles and other damage can save you from must costlier repairs in the future.

Replace Your Carpet

Flooring gets its dirtiest during summer--with all the guests, the kids being home, and constant traipsing in and out between outdoors activities, carpets usually look a little worse for the wear toward the end of summer. As you prepare for fall, and the indoor activities that come with it, consider replacing your flooring with something more durable and stain resistant.

Close in Your Patio

With winter coming in quick on the heels of fall, why don't you prepare to make the best possible use of your outdoor space? This fall, get started on the construction of a patio shelter for you and your family to enjoy during the cooler months. The options are robust--you can choose a screened-in porch, or for more comfort and warmth, even full scale construction of walls and a ceiling, to expand your available living space inside your home.

For these and all other season projects, Alamo Handyman has you covered! Give us a call at (210) 684-8500 to get a free estimate on any home improvement project in San Antonio and the surrounding area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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