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3 Projects to Turn Your House into a Home

Putting your own touch on the place you live can transform a space into something you are proud of. But your own touch doesn't have to be costly! There are many inexpensive home projects that will allow you to add personalization to any space in your house, and an easy place to start is in your backyard.

Below are three projects recently completed by Alamo Handyman's professionals that have helped our clients add a special touch to their home and expand their useable living spaces.

Deck Installation

Decks add functionality, square footage, and value to your home. With the many wood options, layouts, and styles, you can customize your deck to suit your preferences and your home's existing style.

An added benefit? When you install a deck, you cut back on yard maintenance while simultaneously improving your your backyard's aesthetic appeal!

Patio Customization

A stand-alone patio has many of the same benefits as a deck, but provides even further customization opportunities. If you have a larger backyard and are looking to expand your entertaining area or living space, a custom patio may be a great fit for you. Alamo Handyman recently designed the space below, providing our clients with a brand new area to cook and host guests. With the beautiful weather in Texas, they will be able to get use out of this space year-round!

Pergola Addition

A pergola addition is a sensible and affordable next step in improving your outdoor space. You may already have a deck or patio in your backyard, but covering it with a beautiful pergola can help make it even more functional! Whether it's rain or that hot Texas sun, this addition will shield you from the elements.

You can also use a pergola to extend your home's style into your outdoor space. Rustic details like the ones in our recently-completed job below complemented the home's aesthetic and added a touch of personalization for our clients.

Looking for an affordable way to make your backyard uniquely "you"? Give Alamo Handyman a call today at 210-684-8500!

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