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2022 Home Trends

We are one month into 2022, and we at Alamo Handyman are already seeing home style trend emerge. Take a look below at some of the home improvement trends our team of handymen are tackling this year.

1. Natural Light

The past two years had us in our homes more than usual, which let many of us feeling unconnected with the outside world. In 2022, we've seen an increase in demand for home projects that results in more natural light. This include replacing wooden doors with sliding glass doors, adding windows, adding "sun tunnels", and adding additional glass doors to your front door, so that you can have natural light while still keeping the heat or AC inside.

2. Ceiling Beams

Another result of spending so much time in the home is needing a "refresh" to the static parts of your house. While paint colors and new decor can spice things up, we've seen more and more people turn to non-traditional under-takings, like adding a wooden beam across your ceiling as an accent.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Installation

This has always been a customer favorite in South Texas, but we've noticed an even bigger uptick in outdoor kitchen installations. Just like with natural light additions, the outdoor kitchen gives families a place in their homes where they feel more connected to the outdoors.

4. Privacy Fence Installation

A privacy fence in your backyard does more than just keep you isolated from nosy neighbors. Installing a privacy fence increases your security, your property value, and allows you to create an intimate oasis for your family to enjoy.

The only downside to a privacy fence? They seem like an easy project to take on, but if you want something that will last long-term, it's essential that you turn to the professionals! We see many fences that were improperly installed, and it comes at a big cost when it's time to fix it.

5. Home Offices

Another offshoot of two years of COVID-19....there is a big boom in home offices right now. While many of us patched together our offices when isolating, the increase in WFH situations has caused many of us to reconsider our working space. Built-in bookshelves, room divisions, and the installation of glass office doors are all ways to make your office a professional and cozy. It may even make you more productive!

Which of these projects are you ready to take on? Alamo Handyman is here to help you with all of them, and any other project you can think of! Call us today for a free consultation at (210) 684-8500.

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Regina Tikhonova
Regina Tikhonova
Nov 14, 2022

Thank you for sharing! Nowadays, people are also looking for green features in homes. These include solar panels, home automation, and water-saving fixtures. The homes with these features may cost a bit more, but they are worth investing in. The features pay back through significant savings in energy bills over the years.

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