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Preparing for Cold Weather (in Texas)

We all remember the Big Freeze of 2021. And while we may not each have control over the power grid or the weather itself, we do have control over how we prepare our homes and ourselves for extreme cold temperatures in Texas.

San Antonio's coldest months are January and February--so how are you planning to make sure your home is in the best shape to handle the upcoming cold weather? Read our code weather tips below to start getting your home ready:

1. Protect your pipes from the inside of your home.

You may hear this as an oft-repeated tip, but do you know how to do it? On top of letting faucets drip, many homeowners are surprised to know that you should open your cabinets under sinks. This allows the heat in your home to warm the pipes and prepare them for a freeze.

And remember, if you are letting your faucets drip, do so through both the cold and the hot taps!

2. Protect your pipes from the outside of your home

Remove your water hoses and wrap your outdoor pipes. This is another way to prevent pipe bursting. By taking this step along with step one, you will be safeguarded against costly pipe repairs.

3. Clean your gutters

Another tip many home owners find surprising is to clean gutters in preparation of a freeze. This is to prevent ice dams--debris like leaves and sticks preventing drainage from the roof. When you have a clogged gutter, precipitation is forced to stay on the roof, and it makes its way under your shingles. This creates expensive problems down the line, including mold and leaks, on top of unsightly water stains.

4. Check all of your windows

This one sounds simple, but you would be surprised at home many of us have windows that have shifted over the years, and are now causing cold air to come into the home. This problem creates additional energy expense, especially when we have a freeze. If power is lost at your home, this can be potentially dangerous as well.

Remember to check your area for cold weather shelters, and always contact emergency services if you ever feel unsafe. Each of us at Alamo Handyman wishes you a warm and safe winter season!

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