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Learn With Alamo Handyman: What is Masonry?

In general, masonry is the building of structures by laying items together. Most commonly, this is done with bricks or stone. The abundance of natural materials in the San Antonio area has led to many "solid brick", "double brick", and "brick and block" houses being constructed. This durable construction method is both attractive and functional--typically, it withstands the test of time.

But what happens when this construction does not hold up against bad weather or time? This is where the professionals come in--contracting with an experienced company who can complete your masonry work is essential.

In addition to the exterior of your home, masonry also encompasses pathways, chimney construction, new wall installation, and driveways. Each of these projects requires the work of a professional--masonry requires great attention to detail, patience, and practice in order to create a high quality project.

Materials used in masonry work include red fired-clay brick, concrete bricks, limestone, granite, cast stone, and even glass brick. The best materials to use are those that weather well. With masonry projects, if a component deteriorates, it will only get worse with time. Additionally, when you have damage to masonry around your home, your property value will likely drop if you do not address the issues.

Whether you are constructing a new home, building an addition, or looking to repair existing masonry work, it is essential that you contract with a company who has the right experience to get the job done correctly. Professional companies like Alamo Handyman are able to repair your masonry work quickly, efficiently, and for the right price. For a complimentary quote, reach out to us at (210) 684-8500 today!

Check out Alamo Handyman's most recent masonry project below:

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