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The Three Cheapest Ways to Update Your Home

There are two things that seem to happen simultaneously as the holidays approach:

1.) Your home sees more visitors.

2.) And money gets tighter.

You want to "wow" your holiday house guests with your beautiful home, but how can you update and upgrade on a limited budget?

Although Alamo Handyman can excel in renovating your kitchen or providing a complete guest bathroom makeover, we understand that those services may not always be within your budget. Fortunately, we offer an array of services to fit any budget. Below are the three of the most affordable ways to update your home without breaking the bank!

1.) Front Door Replacement

We know that first impressions stick around--so shouldn't your front door look great? Make a statement before your guests even walk in your home by installing a clean, beautiful, freshly-stained front door. Whether you are looking to include a rich, cherry wood finish, unique beveled glass details, or something a bit more understated, Alamo Handyman has you covered.

2.) Backsplash Installation

Nothing brightens up a kitchen like a beautiful backsplash. Intricate patterns and eye-catching colors placed behind your appliances help to create a fun aesthetic to make the space feel happy and homey. If you are looking for a clean, modern look, classic, muted backsplash patterns can help to make your kitchen space feel bigger and newer--all for an affordable price.

3.) Exterior Painting

You see your home every day, but do you really inspect it each time you pull into the driveway? As homeowners, we tend to overlook chipping and faded exterior paint, as we become desensitized to it over time. Take a critical look at your house today--could a fresh paint job improve your home's appearance? If you've been in your house longer than 10 years, chances are the answer is yes!


Home upgrades can get pricey, but you can increase your home's sidewalk appeal with these three upgrades and many more, all for a reasonable costs. If you are ready to take the next step toward making your home look great, give Alamo Handyman a call today!

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