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Bringing Farmhouse Style Into Your Home

There is no doubt that you've heard of and seen farmhouse style--if not from Chip and Joanna Gaines, then from a quick visit to your Hobby Lobby or local craft store. This clean-cut and easy-to-obtain style are a great choice for any homeowner, whether you're on a tight budget or if you're ready to make a big investment.

Some interior decorators claim the modern farmhouse look is going out of style, but we know in South Texas that this isn't true. Our warm climate, abundant natural light, and ability to join together indoor and outdoor spaces make farmhouse a timeless style for homes in our region.

Check out our overview of how you can begin incorporating farmhouse style into your home!


Farmhouse style is deceptively straightforward. The aesthetic is all about keeping things clean and simple, but the beauty of farmhouse is truly in the details! The right accents in your home can make or break the farmhouse look in your house. Our suggestions for must-have accents in your farmhouse home are:

  • Sliding bar doors (pictured below)

  • Bare wood beams in your ceiling

  • Built-in bare wood mantles

  • Shiplap floors or an accent wall

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

  • Large sliding glass doors

Courtesy of iStockPhotos

Paint Colors

Soft neutrals and exposed light woods are mainstays of the farmhouse style. Alabaster, dove, light grey, and charcoal grey offset with a pine are quick ways to obtain the look you desire.

Additionally, distressing wood of any color is a great way to achieve the rugged look and feel that naturally works with all of these colors. Whether you are painting your walls, a dining table, or furniture like bookshelves or vanity tables, distressing and using light colors will open your room and help you achieve the farmhouse look.


This isn't the first time we're mentioning can't use too much exposed wood! From rustic dining room tables to TV stands with sliding barn doors, there are many options available to you.

One trick we like to use when advising clients on how to achieve the farmhouse look is to seek out furniture purchases that will allow you to keep unsightly electronics from view. Distressed cabinets and light grey entertainment centers with sliding doors will help you keep your farmhouse aesthetic consistent throughout your home.


Lighting will help you create the perfect final touch for your clean-cut and airy home. Forgo fussy chandeliers and fixtures, and instead keep it as simple as possible. Exposed Edison bulbs or simple black matte hanging fixtures are the best way to go. Another option is recessed lighting, which gives you an options to create extensive light in large spaces without burdening your room.

These simple lighting fixtures will help keep the focus on the pieces that add to your decor, rather than detract from them.

Need some help to get started on achieving this look? Alamo Handyman is here to take on this project for you. Give us a call at 210-684-8500 today, and we’ll get you a free estimate!


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