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4 Areas to Update Before Selling Your Home

You've probably already heard it--it's a seller's market right now! If you're looking to sell your home for the maximum profit, there's a chance your home may need a few updates first. But what should you update in your home before putting it on the market? Below, find the four areas you should concentrate on to maximize the value of your home.

1) Flooring

If you have carpet, scratched floors, or outdated tile in your home, replacing the flooring can increase the appeal of your house significantly. Updated flooring will quickly and easily modernize your property. And with all the material options on the market, it may be more affordable than you think! Choose a flooring that is durable and easy to keep clean so it can be a bonus feature to discuss with potential buyers.

Remember though, there should always be cost-benefit analysis done before replacing floors. Be sure to speak with your realtor about the potential increased value of your home by making this update. More importantly, be sure to hire a reputable handyman who will install flooring appropriately.

2) Interior Paint

A neutral paint can easily enlarge and brighten a room with minimal effort. As with any house that has been lived in, your home may have slightly marred, dented, or stained walls. Although you may not notice them upon first glance, a potential buyer will! Be sure to proactively address this issue by putting a fresh, light coat of paint that will be appealing to a wide range of buyers.

3) Curb Appeal

Arguably the most important thing you can do to increase your home's value is to give potential buyers a great first impression. A fresh coat of exterior paint, a fixed up porch, and a neat, clean yard can go miles to making sure you are able to gain maximum value from your home sell.

For the more technical aspects of improving curb appeal, like gutter maintenance, large paint projects, and board replacements, be sure to call a professional who can complete the job with excellence.

4) Minor Kitchen Remodels

If you're selling your home, there is no reason to renovate your kitchen to tailor it to your specific needs. Instead, minor repairs and remodeling projects are what you need. Whether it is updating cabinet stains, upgrading your kitchen island counter top, or changing out the light fixtures for something more marketable, these small updates can drastically improve your selling position.

Are you ready to get your home prepped to sell? You can reach out to Alamo Handyman today at (210) 684-8500 to set up your free consultation!

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