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10 Steps to Winterize Your Home

After 2021's severe winter storm, many of our clients have asked us--how can I protect my home from damage if another storm hits the San Antonio area?

Alamo Handyman is here to provide you with the practical tips you need to keep your home safe and your family warm this winter!

1. Seal up any cracks. Use caulk on the holes and any opening around your home to prevent drafts from getting in. In some case, weather stripping may be required as well.

2. Protect your pipes. Bursting pipes was a costly, damaging effect of the 2021 winter storm. Pipes are susceptible to freezing, so if very cold weather is expected, wrap your pipes and make sure to turn them on so water trickles through. These steps will prevent freezing!

3. Replace old windows. This one can be a bigger up-front cost, but will save you money and hassle in the long run. Double-pane windows will keep your home warm, and they are less likely to break or crack.

As an added bonus, changing up your windows can also be an opportunity to enhance the aesthetic of your home!

4. Install an emergency release. You can have an emergency pressure release valve installed in your plumbing system as extra protection. This will protect against increased pressure caused by freezing pipes and may prevent them from bursting.

5. Check out your heating system. Imagine--it's December 24th and you're expecting all the family over for Christmas the next morning. But your heater goes out because it was not checked ahead of time. Don't let this happen to you! Get your heater checked today.

6. Think safety first. With cold temperatures comes ice, and with ice comes slips and falls. Make sure your outdoor handrails are secured properly and that any loose boards on decks and patios are repaired.

7. Test your fire detector. Winter brings the highest rate of home fires, so be sure your fire alarms are in good working condition.

8. Clean out your gutters. Prevent frozen leaves and debris from backing up and damaging your gutters prior to the onset of freezing weather! Grab your ladder and head outside to clear out any fall leaves that may be in there.

9. Treat outdoor wood fixtures. Rain, cold, and wind can all damage wood fixtures, including decks and ornamental pieces. Be sure to weatherproof your fixtures with stains and sealants, to ensure you avoid having to make more costly repairs once the weather warms up.

10. Clean up the yard.

Dead branches, overgrown weeds, and debris in your yard can damage your yard long-term once any freezes are over. Be proactive by getting outside and cleaning up the yard before it gets too cold out. You can also turn this into a fun daily activity!

If you have home insurance, there is a chance that you may have coverage for major damage to your home, but it's best to be prepared and take preemptive steps to ensure your home is safe and winterized.

For major prep work like wood treatment, window replacement, and more, Alamo Handyman is here to help! Reach out to us today at (21) 684-8500 to discuss your winterization needs.

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Regina Tikhonova
Regina Tikhonova
Dec 06, 2021

Really good article, thanks! But it seems like you never mentioned anything about attic insulation. Although the heat tend to escapes there. I read on one page that the choice of insulation material depends on what you need. The higher the R-value, the better job it will do at insulating your home ( So consider this if you decide to insulate :)

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