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Which Molding is Right for You?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

One simple touch can add a wealth of elegance to your home--moldings. Moldings come in a variety of styles, can be installed at any time, and make a beautiful addition to all rooms, regardless of architecture style.

Choosing the correct molding comes down to assessing the qualities of your space that you most want to accentuate. Do you have large, beautiful windows? Casing may be right for you. Do you have tall ceilings? Crown molding could be a great fit! Below, we'll explore a sampling of the more popular molding styles to give you the information you need to figure out which molding is right for you.

Crown Molding

There is no question why crown molding is one of the most frequently installed variations of this molding accents--this simple touch adds character and grace to any room. This crown (or "ceiling") molding softens the transition from wall to ceiling. Typically, the higher the ceilings in your room, the wider the crown molding should be. So for homes with very high ceilings, this can be a considerable decorative opportunity.

Rail Molding

If you consider yourself out of the box, rail molding may be right for you. The unique molding styles that fall into this category help to break up an empty room to create a warmer feel and to soften the expanse of a larger space. There are two popular variations of this options:

  • Chair railing, which divides the room at seat-level to prevent wall damage from chairs and other furniture.

  • Picture railing, which sits near the top of the room, and can be used to display art or other pieces.


Casing is a simple yet effective way to accent doors and windows in your home. Traditional, narrow casing often comes standard in homes to crate a seamless transition from wall to door/window, and to conceal any gaps between the door/window frame and drywall.

However, if you are looking to improve the overall aesthetic of your home or to accent a particular door or window, casing is a beautiful way to achieve this!


Wainscotting is a sophisticated molding/paneling option that adds dimension to any space in your home. Whether on the exposed panel of a staircase, the wall behind the bed in a master bedroom, or beneath chair railing in a living area, this installation is sure to create a special effect in your home.

Do you have an idea of which molding style is right for you? Even if you haven't decided yet, you can reach out to Alamo Handyman today at (210) 684-8500 to discuss options and set up a free consultation!


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