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What Type of Pergola is Right for Your Home?

At Alamo Handyman, we specialize in installing pergolas that are a perfect fit for the aesthetic and setting of your home. But you might be wondering--is a pergola right for your home? And if so, how should you choose yours?

Material Choices

Wood pergola

With a wood pergola, your options are seemingly endless! This backyard accent can add to your farmhouse feel with lighter, white-washed woods, or even create a meditation oasis when you opt for darker, more sturdy wood options. The one non-negotiable is to make sure that your wood pergola is weather-treated! This South Texas heat can take a serious toll on wood features like pergolas, so if you do not have the wood professionally treated, you run the risk of wearing yours out within a year!

Vinyl pergola

If you are looking for a long-lasting pergola, a vinyl pergola is your best bet! Additionally, this sturdy material requires very little maintenance. A yearly powerwashing treatment to give it a facelift will work for upkeep. This option is also one of the more affordable pergola options available to homeowners. The only downfall is that depending on the other elements in your backyard, your vinyl pergola may cheapen your aesthetic a bit. This material usually comes in a white or tan color, and it can be dressed up a bit with draping or sturdy backyard furniture.

Aluminum pergola

Depending on your need, an aluminum pergola might be the best of both worlds. It has the sturdiness of a vinyl pergola, but with the elegance of a wooden pergola. There is very little maintenance required, and you have a wide variety of colors you can choose from to complement your existing backyard decor and furniture. One additional appeal for homeowners is the modern look it brings to your backyard!

Pergola Placement

Freestanding pergola

For homeowner with spacious backyards, a freestanding pergola can be a wonderful asset for your home. This provides an additional relaxation and gathering space, removed from your immediate home. This means you can change the feel of this space, making it a bit different from the general decor of your living spaces. Freestanding pergolas can add a pop of color and create a backyard oasis to suit your own unique tastes.

Attached pergola

An attached pergola allows you to have a seamless transition from your indoor space to an outdoor entertaining or dining area. These pergolas are anchored to a wall of your home or another structure, like a casita or a pool house. Since the wall provides half of the necessary support for the pergola, this type of structure will have two posts or columns to anchor it to your structure.

Installing a pergola has a variety of benefits, from creating outdoor gathering space, or an "outdoor room," to providing much-needed shade, or even to simply increase your property value. If there seem to be too many options to choose from, you can always give the professionals a call at Alamo Handyman! We are here to help you choose the option that's right for your home and your budget. Reach out for a free estimate today at (210) 684-8500.


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