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Happy New Year! What is Your 2021 Home Improvement Project?

New year, new home! January is the time to start planning out your year, so when you're listing your resolutions and setting your goals, why not add a plan to improve your house as well?

Whether aesthetic or safety-related, there are many home improvement projects that will improve your space, while simultaneously increasing your home's value. Take a look at our suggestions below, and let us know what project you're planning to take on in 2021!

1. Exterior Improvements

Curb appeal isn't just for home owners looking to sell. When you host your friends and family in your home this year, you want to be proud of the place you are inviting them into. Flaking paint and sagging gutters is something we may not notice when we see it every day, but new visitors to your house certainly will! Exterior home improvements can be anything from replacing siding and facia, to fixing roof tiles, to simply adding a fresh coat of paint to the front of your home.

2. Roof Repair

Do a walk-around of your home to inspect your roof. Do you notice any sags, fallen shingles, or dark spots? Between the summer heat of Texas and the dry, windy conditions of winter, your roof may be more damaged than you think. A professional roof inspection will help you gauge when you will need your next repair or replacement, and it is important not to wait! A damaged roof can cause many other problems in your home, including safety concerns. And the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be. If finances are a concern, you can look into our great financing options for roof repair.

3. Garage Renovation

Looking to add square footage to your home without building an addition? If you have a garage, a quick and affordable way to create more living space is to turn your garage into a secondary family or game room. A bit of insulation, paint, and a flooring upgrade is an cost-efficient way to make this improvement to your home. Whether you're going to use it as a man cave, a place for the kids to play video games, or even a formal workshop, the garage can be a ready-made home expansion.

4. Carpet Replacement

Have you been in your home for longer than 5 years? If so, chances are your carpet is in some dire need of TLC! But regardless of home many times you vacuum or have the carpets professionally cleaned, they will never have the same appearance as they did when you first moved in. Replacing the carpet in a living room or bedroom is an easy way to spruce up a room, making it look fresher and cleaner instantaneously.

5. Add Outdoor Living Spaces

There is nothing better than enjoying an ice cold glass of sweet tea in a backyard oasis. This spring, make that vision a reality by getting a jump start on your backyard improvement project this month! Whether you are looking to build a simple patio, construct a full-blown backyard kitchen, or anything in-between, an outdoor living space is a versatile investment--you can use it to make memories with family and friends, and also to unwind alone after a long day.

Are you ready to upgrade your home in 2021? The experts at Alamo Handyman can help you from start to finish--from presenting you with options, all the way through completing the work in the most timely and affordable manner possible. Give us a call to set up your free consultation today at (210) 684-8500!

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28 jun 2022

When planning for a home improvement project, don't forget to have a roof inspection or roof repair. This must be the first thing you need to think about when doing home improvement.

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